Thursday, April 14, 2016

Allergy Testing + Anxiety = Prayers Needed

We are drowning in doctor's appointments and testing for both of my sons.

My older son had a severe allergic reaction in December to a protein bar, and we have allergy testing scheduled for him today.

My baby is suffering from anxiety and is already an overly active little boy.
We have already gone through "testing" at Neurocore - and are working on focus. He has an appointment for psychological testing in a few weeks.

This mom did NOT want to put her boys through all of this. Doctor's visits, testing, and all of the labels and stigma that our society puts on those who ask for help.

I am trying to put it all into God's hands, but the worry and anxiety of my little men suffering is wearing on my heart. No mommy wants to see their children go through these trials. I keep praying, and praying, and am asking everyone to pray with me.

Dear Lord,

Please hear the prayers of mothers everywhere, as they stand by the children you have blessed them with during the trials and crazy times here on Earth. We know you are the ultimate healer and have blessings in store for us...we must just endure the hardships to get to the amazing things You have given us. Thank YOU for my children, their individual challenges, and their amazing unique talents! Thank You for helping me see that each of the events we experience can bring glory to You, if only we seek you throughout each moment.

Bless us mothers with patience, and the right words to say to our children. Bless our children with peace and understanding that their mommies do everything for them, through You.

I will be posting more on our journey through testing and treatment in the near future.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Snow Day Fun

My children and I had a snow day today!
The snow is coming down outside, and the roads are terrible.

I heard screams and unkind words from my children in the living room at 8:30 a.m.
So it begins!

Tablets and iPods are taken away, and they are all devastated and bored.

Three kids conspire on the couch, plotting to see if they might recover their devices from the mean mother who took them away.


Tearfully they ask if they might be able to earn their devices back.

After some thoughtful consideration, I set the terms of the negotiation:

1. Do all of the laundry, including put it away.
2. Play a game nicely, while the laundry is cleaning and drying.
3. Speak kindly to each other through all of this.
4. Make each other lunch, and eat.
5. Check in with mom, and maybe get your devices back.

Well, I am happy to report that they completed their tasks, and my laundry is done!
2 kids on iPods, and one on a tablet are currently playing nicely in the living room once again, as the snow continues to fall.

I hope we get another snow day tomorrow!

#SnowDay #MeanMom

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Changing Overwhelmed Into Blessings and Rainbows

All mommies feel this at some time or another. I am feeling extremely overwhelmed at this moment.
I am over-committed, under rested, and completely overwhelmed with everything happening in my life.

My three children have busy schedules.
My husband has a busy work schedule.
My own work schedule could be busier, but I'm drawing the line, and saying, "NO!" to extra hours.
Volunteer commitments have me on the run this time of year.
My grandmother passed away, and grieving on top of helping my mom plan the services has me emotionally drained.
Add on to all of this my raging hormones, and I have every reason to be a hot mess right now.

Throughout all of this business, I am taking the time to realize how truly blessed I am.
I have three wonderful, talented, smart children, who know what they love.
My husband steps up and helps out when I ask him too. He doesn't complain too much, even though I know he wishes I'd say no to other people more often than I do.
I CAN say no to opportunities to work or help out other people, because we are comfortable enough to pay all of our bills, plus some fun things, with our regular pay checks.
Through volunteering I have met some of my very best friends! I get to see them more, and we have so much fun together!
My grandmother was a wonderful person, and reflecting on her life helps me to be a better person too.

So all of the craziness brings blessings. It is up to me to focus on the positive blessings, rather than the challenges that come with each of these crazy events in my life.

One of my students was lamenting to me how she hated to cry so much, and that she was sad, and never thought she would make it through the bad things that were happening to her.
My response, "Sometimes you have to wade your way through the mud made by the tears and the rain to see the rainbow."

Right now, I am heading my own advice, and seeking the rainbow!

Blessings to you!