Saturday, December 15, 2012

What Really Matters Most

Thinking about my children, family and friends, I rejoice for how blessed they make me feel.
However long they are in my life, all of my friends and family bless me in so many ways, that I cannot rejoice enough on their behalf.
Then I see the mourning that comes with losing family and friends. My heart breaks as I mourn with those who are suffering the loss of loved ones. I know that my family and friends are mortal, just as I am a mere mortal.

But I am a BELOVED child of God. We are all children of the LOVING, Caring, and Merciful God!
He mourns with us, as he accepts angels into His loving arms, for he knows our pain and suffering.

He sacrificed His only Son, that we would have eternal life with Him.
How little comfort that may give those in the midst of despair of losing their own child. Let us pray for those who need to remember His ultimate sacrifice for us, and that He holds us in the palm of His hands, and sends comfort to those who need it through us. AMEN

"Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." —Romans 12:15

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer Surrounding Tragedy

When we hear of tragedy, many of us try to pray for peace, and strength for those involved.
I have a tendency to try to put myself in the shoes of those experiencing the tragedy, and feel such strong empathy that it often wipes me out emotionally.

Right now I cannot seem to put words together that make sense or sound good in reference to the shooting in Connecticut today.

Dear Lord,
I pray for the families and community in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Strength and healing will be necessary for all of them. I specifically pray for the parents who lost children to this act of pure evil. May the people around them remember that those moms and dads have suffered the worst possible fate for a parent...losing a child. They may never learn the reason why their children had to die. I pray for the law enforcement and investigators who have a long road ahead of them, as they try to make sense of the evil. May they be protected by Your love, Lord, and help them to offer answers and condolences to the parents and teachers who are grieving. Help all of your people, Lord, to not lose sight of the tragedy and evil, while we offer ourselves as Your light to those who are closest to the suffering.

NetZero Wireless HotSpot Review & Giveaway!

Wow - I have never owned a Smart Phone - and really don't feel the need to own one.
I do have a laptop, a tablet, and an e-reader!
Now I can access the internet from wherever I find myself, with the benefit of my NetZero Wireless Hotspot! I LOVE it!!

I took my son to Chuck E. Cheese's the other day to let him play. I brought along my tablet, and was able to blog and shop online while he was playing!

The NetZero Wireless Hot Spot is EASY to use, and so small, that it just slips into my purse!

Using the HotSpot is as easy as pushing a button!
Hold down the power button for 5 seconds, and it turns on and begins searching for a signal.

As soon as it connects, it's easy to connect with up to 8 wireless devices using the subscription code posted on the screen.

I was waiting in the pick-up line at my children's elementary school, and I signed on to let my preschooler watch a movie on Netflix while we were waiting!

So cool!!

So, now that you've heard about a few of the exciting ways I've used my NetZero Wireless Hotspot, would you like to win one???

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spirited Children VS Tired Mommy

I am always tired. Fatigue is a side-effect of my job!

I love to play with my children, and laugh with them. Seeing their smiles seems to give me more energy. But there is a vicious cycle of grumpiness caused by tired mommy that seems to get in the way of having fun with my kids.

My youngest boy is four and a half years old, and is a very spirited child. He is stubborn, fun, and very entertaining! He loves to be the clown, and the center of attention.
But he also loves to ignore directions and do his own thing, just to get attention.

I am striving to pay more positive attention to my little man BEFORE he gets to the point of misbehaving. This should potentially give me more energy in the long run, since his whining drains my patience much more than playing with him!

Dear Lord,
Please help me to provide my children with all of the attention and positive reinforcement they need to be healthy and successful in their play. Help me to remember that my children need me and my support, and not my nagging and reprimanding. I want to enjoy playing with my children more, and appreciate them as gifts from You. ~ AMEN