Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spirited Children VS Tired Mommy

I am always tired. Fatigue is a side-effect of my job!

I love to play with my children, and laugh with them. Seeing their smiles seems to give me more energy. But there is a vicious cycle of grumpiness caused by tired mommy that seems to get in the way of having fun with my kids.

My youngest boy is four and a half years old, and is a very spirited child. He is stubborn, fun, and very entertaining! He loves to be the clown, and the center of attention.
But he also loves to ignore directions and do his own thing, just to get attention.

I am striving to pay more positive attention to my little man BEFORE he gets to the point of misbehaving. This should potentially give me more energy in the long run, since his whining drains my patience much more than playing with him!

Dear Lord,
Please help me to provide my children with all of the attention and positive reinforcement they need to be healthy and successful in their play. Help me to remember that my children need me and my support, and not my nagging and reprimanding. I want to enjoy playing with my children more, and appreciate them as gifts from You. ~ AMEN

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