Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer Surrounding Tragedy

When we hear of tragedy, many of us try to pray for peace, and strength for those involved.
I have a tendency to try to put myself in the shoes of those experiencing the tragedy, and feel such strong empathy that it often wipes me out emotionally.

Right now I cannot seem to put words together that make sense or sound good in reference to the shooting in Connecticut today.

Dear Lord,
I pray for the families and community in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Strength and healing will be necessary for all of them. I specifically pray for the parents who lost children to this act of pure evil. May the people around them remember that those moms and dads have suffered the worst possible fate for a parent...losing a child. They may never learn the reason why their children had to die. I pray for the law enforcement and investigators who have a long road ahead of them, as they try to make sense of the evil. May they be protected by Your love, Lord, and help them to offer answers and condolences to the parents and teachers who are grieving. Help all of your people, Lord, to not lose sight of the tragedy and evil, while we offer ourselves as Your light to those who are closest to the suffering.

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