Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time = Love

I love my children.
I tell them, "I love you" often.
What children need the most is for your love to be shown through spending TIME with them!
Take time out of your busy schedule to do something with each of your children.
It does not have to be anything huge, or complicated, or even time consuming.

Set aside your laptop for long enough to HUG your child.
Walk away from the dishes for a few minutes to read a book with your kids.
Leave the laundry for a little while and go for a walk.
Take the time to talk to your kids.
Play a game - even a short one.

Your children will feel loved, and you will feel them loving you back.

You may even start recognizing the small blessings you have, by seeing things in your children you never noticed before.

I took my children camping earlier this week.
We were forced to spend time together, and the children were forced to help me keep the campsite orderly in order to stay there.
We had so much fun, and I was able to spend quality time with my kids.
There were no televisions, or other screens, to distract the kids, or myself. No internet, no telephone.
Just each others company.

I learned that my daughter is happy reading, no matter where she is.
My oldest son is a GREAT fisherman, and remembers to pray before meals, even when we are camping!
My youngest child is really good at cleaning up, and when given a job, does his best to overachieve!

These are qualities I am sure they exhibit at home, but that I may be too busy to see, because I am attached to my laptop, or busy keeping house.

Spend TIME with your children, and they will KNOW that you love them by your time!

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