Thursday, April 14, 2016

Allergy Testing + Anxiety = Prayers Needed

We are drowning in doctor's appointments and testing for both of my sons.

My older son had a severe allergic reaction in December to a protein bar, and we have allergy testing scheduled for him today.

My baby is suffering from anxiety and is already an overly active little boy.
We have already gone through "testing" at Neurocore - and are working on focus. He has an appointment for psychological testing in a few weeks.

This mom did NOT want to put her boys through all of this. Doctor's visits, testing, and all of the labels and stigma that our society puts on those who ask for help.

I am trying to put it all into God's hands, but the worry and anxiety of my little men suffering is wearing on my heart. No mommy wants to see their children go through these trials. I keep praying, and praying, and am asking everyone to pray with me.

Dear Lord,

Please hear the prayers of mothers everywhere, as they stand by the children you have blessed them with during the trials and crazy times here on Earth. We know you are the ultimate healer and have blessings in store for us...we must just endure the hardships to get to the amazing things You have given us. Thank YOU for my children, their individual challenges, and their amazing unique talents! Thank You for helping me see that each of the events we experience can bring glory to You, if only we seek you throughout each moment.

Bless us mothers with patience, and the right words to say to our children. Bless our children with peace and understanding that their mommies do everything for them, through You.

I will be posting more on our journey through testing and treatment in the near future.

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