Friday, May 3, 2013

"Iron Man 3" - Movie Review

I LOVE "Iron Man 3"!

Usually, I am not the type of person to enjoy Superhero movies, but I LOVE Iron Man!
Part of it has to do with the fact that  Robert Downey Jr. is amazing, and nice to look at. But more than that, is the way the movie is written to be almost plausible.

Iron Man makes mistakes, VERY stupid Human mistakes. Those errors, combined with the humor in the script, make for superb entertainment. Even for someone like me, who does not really care for the action-packed superhero genre.

There is a young boy in the movie, who reminds me a bit of my own children, and he really creates a human-breakthrough feel for Tony Stark. I love how the writers played off Iron Man's fame, and created some humorous moments in the movie, where the awestruck fans of Iron Man approached Tony Stark and really came across as many Americans do around celebrities. 

I HIGHLY recommend "Iron Man 3" to all of my readers.
Please keep in mind that Iron Man 3 is Rated PG-13!!! It is NOT suitable for younger children. I might take my 9-year-old to see it, if she really wanted to go, but not my 6-year-old, or 5-year-old!

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