Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebrating Easter and Differences with my In-Laws

I had the wonderful blessing of my husband's family enjoying their Easter meal in our home.
Three of his four sisters and their children joined us, along with his parents, as we shared some delicious food, fellowship, and over-all had a great time.

It reminds me of how very blessed I am to have married into such a wonderful, supportive, and Christian family!

Their family has always done things a certain way, and they are very much creatures of comfort. They do not often deviate from their "norm" - yet they do not judge others for the differences between them. I love this about my in-laws!

If only the rest of the Christians in our world could learn this lesson from the family I have married into!

They are gracious, kind, and accepting of all of the differences between us, as well as that which we share - our faith, families, and friendship.

I know there are so many families out there that have anxiety and tension that rule the in-law relationships. I am so blessed to not have those emotions attached to mine. I pray for those who do have strained relationships in their marriages and in their in-law relationships.

Dear Lord,
Today I lift up all of the married couples and their in-laws!
There are so many dynamics that enter into these relationships, and Lord, you are the Creator and Master of them all!
Thank you for putting these families together.
I pray that whatever situation husbands and wives may find themselves in, that they will respect, honor, and accept the differences between their families, and use those differences to glorify You!
In Jesus' Holy Name,

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