Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Countdown to Christ's Birthday - Kids' Craft Project!

So my children ask me multiple times each day,
"How many more days until Christ's birthday?"

My inlaws had the tradition when my husband was a child, that they made a candy chain that counted down from December 1 until Christmas Eve.

I am so happy to continue this project with my own children!

All you need to make this project are:
24 individually wrapped candies: We used Tootsie Rolls (since they are already individually wrapped)!
25 2" long pieces of curling ribbon
1 Jingle Bell
Hook to hang it on
This poem printed on Christmas paper

"He is the reason for the season. Excitement's in the air.
We celebrate in festive ways; There's many gifts to share.
Gifts of the heart, gifts of yourself, And gifts brought from the store.
But all these pale when we reflect on that first Christmas morn.
Our Savior came down to this earth; In a manger He was born.
When you can't wait, and you can't tell How long until the day,
Look at this chain Each night take a link away.
When you get closer to the bell,
His birthday's drawing near.
And when you reach it finally
Celebrate our Lord so dear!

Tie the candies together with ribbon & attach them to the bell.
Hang them somewhere in your home where your little ones can reach and count them, a often as they wish!

Enjoy the season & remember the reason, that Jesus Christ is Born!


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