Friday, March 9, 2012

Movie Review: "John Carter"

I had the pleasure of taking my eight-year-old daughter on a date night at the movies!

We saw the new Disney film, "John Carter".

She absolutely LOVED this movie!

The Mommy in me found the movie to be entertaining, yet predictable. The music was wonderful. The special effects were well done. It was a typical science fiction story crossed with a western, with a love story woven in, and tons of action.
Good beats evil, and the good guy gets the girl.

I was surprised that she liked it so much, since it is rated PG-13, and exhibited some action with violence and strange scenes.

The premise of this movie involves space and time travel, aliens, and a love story, all wrapped up and neatly presented in true Disney fashion.

I was reminded quite a bit of Star Wars, but on a much smaller scale.
The historical features of the movie (New York City in the 1800's) clashed with the stark, almost robotic, world of the Planet Mars.

I must agree with my daughter that Woola, the ugly martian "dog", had an endearing and cute personality that saved the humor throughout the movie.

We also loved how the movie approached the change in gravity, from Earth to Mars (Barsoom) - allowing John Carter to jump beyond normal human capacity.

The humor in having the Tharks (Martians) call John Carter "Virginia" because of the language barrier.

While we both enjoyed the movie, I must say that I would recommend this film for the preteen and teen audience.

Please enjoy this trailer of the new Disney film, "John Carter":

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My daughter can't wait to see this movie again, and has already asked to buy it when the movie becomes available on DVD!


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