Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Swagbucks!!!

Happy Birthday to SwagBucks, my FAVORITE FREEBIE site!!

SwagBucks is 4 Years Old today!!! :)
They are having a birthday party of monumental proportions!!

If you're not a member of SwagBucks yet, you are missing out on FREE stuff!!

I earn Swagbucks every time I search the internet, and then I turn them in for gift cards!
I have earned well over $100 in just a few months!

You can sign up here, and also R.S.V.P. for today's Birthday Bash!!
Win EXTRA Bonus Bucks all day long - and have some fun!

When you sign up - if you enter the code: "BIRTHDAYBASH12" - you will receive an extra 110 SwagBucks!!
That's a TON!

Click the link below to sign up and/or R.S.V.P. and Happy SwagBuck Birthday!!

Once you RSVP for the Birthday Bash, you are entered into the 24-hr Team Challenge. Every Swag Buck you and your team earn today from Search, Special Offers/Daily Deals, SBTV, Surverys and Tasks will also count toward your party's total. The party with the most SB earned will give out a 10 Swag Buck bonus to each member who contributes; the other party will get a bonus of 5 Swag Bucks each.

There is also the award for the top earner from each party with a bonus of 100 Swag Bucks and the title of Party Animal!

By now, if you're attending one of the parties you've noticed the giant pink and green puzzle. Behind that puzzle is the picture of your party. On the 27th, we'll reveal one piece for you, but to reveal the rest, your party has to collectively hit a series of earning goals, one for each category. When you hit the goal, a piece of the picture is revealed! There will be meters to help you track your team's progress. If you reveal the whole picture before midnight, ALL PARTY BONUSES ARE DOUBLED!

There is also today's all-day Swag Code extravaganza (on Monday 2/27) - 130 Swag Bucks in codes will be given out over the course of 24 hours, meaning everyone from night owls to early risers will be able to get Swag Codes! There is also a widget on the right side of my blog that offers you codes - click on the SC button! :)
Happy Birthday SwagBucks!


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