Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Cards for Kids

My children are giving Valentine's Cards to their classmates at school.
Spending tons of money on cheap cards is not high on my priority list.
So, I searched Pinterest for some crafty ideas - and found this one!

I took pictures of my kiddos with their hands held out in a fist. (To get them to hold their hands like that, I had them hide a tootsie roll in their fist, and they got to eat it after we got a good photo of each of them.)

We had fun!

Then, I added some text, hearts, and borders to the photos before having them printed at Walgreens for only $5.00 for 50 prints!

We found some lollipops for a good price to add to them by making a small slit on the top and bottom of the fist on each photo.

Now my children have personalized Valentine Cards to give their friends and it did not cost any more than the cheap little cardboard cards you find at retail stores!


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