Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Les Miserables" Review

I love live theatre, and have attended at least two live productions of "Les Miserables".
When the movie version was announced, I had my doubts.

The movie if "Les Miserables" is AMAZING!
I highly recommend this movie to EVERYONE!
The actors were perfectly cast in their roles, and the story stayed true to the timelessly classic script!

The message of good prevailing over evil, and the spirit of forgiveness are true testaments, that despite the sinful nature of our society, and that depicted in the film, there are still good people who follow God's teachings!

We live in a world where miserable, wretched evil invades our presence on a daily basis.
This is also true in the story of Les Miserables.

Holding true to our faith, staying true to ourselves and the teachings of the Bible, we can coexist with the misery without being sucked into despair ourselves.

I pray that through this movie, other Christians may see the redeeming quality of living as Christ would.
Live without judgement, hate, and self-pity.

Our very redemption relies on the fact that WE must seek to be Christ-like in our actions, despite the fact that we are stained with sin. We have all sinned, as have the characters in the film, and we will continue to sin.

The Lord our God will forgive us, if we repent and do not judge others for their sins. We must also forgive others for the sins that may have harmed us. I love the theme throughout "Les Miserables" of forgiveness and redemption!

If you have watched the movie, a live musical version, or even if this is your first time experiencing the Award-Winning Drama of "Les Miserables", I challenge you to watch from a Biblical perspective. Challenge yourself to see how Love, Peace, and Prayer might change your life, and pull you out of the misery, as it does the central characters in "Les Miserables".

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