Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Rise of the Guardians" Represents Hope, Wonder, Dreams and Memories

"Hope, Wonder, Dreams and Memories are depicted in Rise of the Guardians", says Peter Ramsey, Director.

Rise of the Guardians is a film about the Heroes that Guard the Innocence, Dreams, and Beliefs of Childhood:
Jack Frost, North (Santa), Toothfairy, Easter Bunny, and Sandman.
These imaginative characters take on "The Boogyman", Pitch Black, and his "Night Mares". When I had the opportunity to interview Peter Ramsey, I asked him how Christians and families might interpret the film.
"Having some kind of imagination and make-believe is important for kids. Our Santa, and all of our Guardians represent GREAT HUMAN VALUES. Period. We want all children to be exposed to these values. We kept it real. Everyone who worked on the film felt like it was good to work on a project about POSITIVE things.

I would have to agree!

I really enjoyed the film, but was rather shocked about the fact that "North", the character who represents Santa Claus, had tattoos!!

When I asked Mr. Ramsey about North, he responded, "North is meant to be shocking, so you would kinda wake up and look at him in a slightly different way. Hopefully you start to realize things you had not thought about for a long time. He’s a warrior for children, who will do anything to protect kids. He has different sides to him, but it will all come together to show he will go to all lengths to do anything for kids. Wild & untamed force of nature and passionate about what he does. Gives him an edge, and passion."

The intensity of North is balanced well by the cute little Elves! They were extremely humorous and entertaining, in a simplistic way!

My children and I really enjoyed watching "Rise of the Guardians" and highly recommend the positive message of Hope that comes across when Good Prevails over the realistic scary nightmares brought about by fear!

As Peter Ramsey says, "The movie is about basic things like hope, dreams, wonder and memory. Everybody feels those things."

Find more information about the movie Rise of the Guardians HERE.

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