Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memorizing Bible Verses

I love to memorize verses from my Bible.
I remember when a friend invited me to Awana with her when we were children.
I LOVED the contests, and would often win, that required me to remember as many verses as possible.
I still remember some today!

She Sparkles is hosting a challenge to memorize 26 verses this year!
Please check it out here:



  1. Hi Kristen :)
    So glad you will be joining us for the A to Z Memory Verse Challenge! Who knows, maybe some of the verses will be your old Awana verses! Please keep in touch through the journey. You can do it!
    Happy New Year!
    Cindy :)

  2. I hadn't really thought about this in years. I used to really enjoy memorizing Bible verses when I was young and took great pride in it. Now, I am just happy to remember the jest of the passage, but it would be helpful to remember the exact wording. Debbie

  3. So far you must have tried various methods to memorize Bible verses, but sometimes we are not able to remember it correctly. One of my friends gave me an excellent idea to memorize the Bible verses. He showed me his android phone to which he had downloaded an application which puts holy verses on your phone wallpaper. What is more amazing is that the verses keep on changing after some time. In today’s world everyone keeps their phone with themselves every time, so whenever you see your phone you see a verse. What could be more better way to memorize the verses other than this. The application can be downloaded from the link to your android phone.
    You can send the verse as a message to your friend or post the verse to your friend’s facebook wall.
    What could be more better way to share the Word Of The Lord. God bless us all.