Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mommy's Inexpensive Blessing Recipe #2

Homemade Pizza!
In an effort to bless my family and the budget, I am posting some recipes we are using to save money and eat healthy at home!

One of my best tips is to portion out the meats you buy, and not use an entire package, but save some for other recipes! I did that with 1 lb. of sausage in this recipe! We used about 1/3 of the pound for the pizza - the rest is cooked in my fridge ready for another recipe later this week!

Okay - here is what we used:

Packaged Pizza Kit - 2 dough, 2 sauce = $2.75
1/3 lb. of sausage = $.75
1 package of pepperoni = $.98
Shredded cheese = $1.50
Can black olives = $1.00

Grand Total for meal feeding a family of 5 = $6.98

We made 2 pizzas! The first was all pepperoni and 1/2 with sausage for the adults.
The 2nd pizza was for the kids. They then got to "decorate" their own 1/4 pizza with whatever they wanted!

I used sauce to divide the pizza into fourths and wrote their initials on their pieces. The kids loved choosing what to put on - and did not complain at all about eating their pizza! :)

The pizza turned out really delicious - and my budget was happy too! :)


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